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DoPchoice Announces Rabbit-Rounder Geared Towards Astera LeoFresnel


Astera LeoFresnel with Snapbag attached / photo courtesy DoPChoice

With Cine Gear Expo LA taking place this past weekend, DoPchoice announced its latest family of light control tools for Astera‘s new gamechanger, the LeoFresnel. Thanks to an adapter included in the box with each LeoFresnel fixture, there’s instant compatibility with DoPchoice’s Rabbit-Rounder® which mounts the range of Snapbag® lighting control solutions.

Astera LeoFresnel with Dome attached / DoPchoice

Rabbit-Rounder is the one-system-fits-all answer to mounting DoPchoice softboxes across a range of lights. The rugged and future-proof design opens up a world of lighting possibilities by using the rectangular Snapbag Medium, 3-foot Octa 3 and Medium 50mm Lantern. Each features metallic interior fabric for the most efficient output. Octas and Rectangulars come with Magic Cloth. For added directional control Snapgrids® may be quickly hooked on the front. For the Lantern, the line offers a customized, removable Skirt with 2 zip-up sides to cut spillage and shape output. All Snapbags set up in seconds and fold up fast into their own pouch.

Astera LeoFresnel with Octa / DoPchoice

The Rabbit-Rounder system is designed to accommodate most popular Bowens-mount type lights, including Nanlux NL-Mount and Qseries Fiilex fixtures. Quick and easy to use, the LeoFresel twist-locks snugly into place on the Rabbit-Rounder to easily slip onto the front of the fixture.

These were all shown at CineGear Expo LA, NY Streets #30.

Snapbags, Snapboxes, Snapgrids and Rabbit-Rounders are manufactured by DoPchoice and TRP Worldwide and are available through authorized dealers.

You can visit to learn more.

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