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IMAX Teams with Leading Digital Camera Brands for Filmed in IMAX Program


Top Gun: Maverick (Photo: Paramount)

The IMAX Corporation has partnered with ARRIPanavisionRED and Sony to create a new Filmed in IMAX program to certify high-end, best-in-class cameras to work in the IMAX format when paired with the company’s proprietary post-production process.

Two of the first releases that will be certified in this program are Tom Cruise‘s Top Gun: Maverick, shot using Sony’s Venice camera, and Denis Villeneuve‘s Dune, which was shot using the Arri Alexa LF.

The cameras certified in the program including the Arri Alexa LF and Mini LF, Panavision’s Millennium DXL2, the Red Ranger Monstro and Sony’s Vnice, along with the Arri Alexa 65 IMAX cameras that are rented out by Arri Rental. IMAX will also be certifying independent camera rental houses, beginning with Panavision, Arri and Keslow Camera, providing best practice guidelines for each production to take advantage of each cameras’ highest possible capture qualities and settings in order to maximize “The IMAX Experience.”

IMAX will also be working with each of the partner companies across R&D, production testing and post to achieve the highest level of digital image capture for optimized playback on IMAX’s proprietary projection systems.

Megan Colligan, President of IMAX Entertainment stated, “When content is ‘Filmed in IMAX’ the result is pure magic because it brings filmmakers’ visions to audiences exactly as they intended, all within the world’s most immersive theatrical experience. This program will help IMAX work with a broader and more diverse group of top filmmakers, sparking new and exciting collaborations that can take advantage of our proprietary technology and global theatrical platform.”

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