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Hive Lighting Introduces Paradome Softbox and Offers Helpful Tutorial Videos


Large Paradome 90cm (Hive Lighting)

Hive Lighting has introduced its newest modifiers, the Paradome, a unique, 16-sided, hexadecagon shaped parabolic deep dish flood reflector and softbox, that can be paired with any of Hive Lighting’s Omni-Color LEDs. The silver-lined parabolic shape allows it to be used as a flood reflector, but with the addition of the diffusion front face, it can act as  round soundbox.

Small Paradome 60cm (Hive Lighting)

The Paradome Softbox is available in two sizes, Large (90cm) and Small (60cm), both which include  an inner diffusion baffle as well as a front velcro grid to control spill in order to create a flattering source of natural-looking directional or diffused eyelight.

It is compatible with any 100mm or Profoto® mount strobe or continuous light head and features a soft case for travel and protecting the modifier as well as a photo mount to use it with any of Hive’s Protofo flash heads or Omni-Color LEDs. Hive’s Adjustable Focusing arm can be used to pair either of those options with a Large Paradome. In the helpful video below, you can see how this pairing allows you to focus the light by flooding and spotting the beam by changing the position of the light inside the modifier giving you the control to create hard and soft shadows.

Hive also offered a how-to video on using Bowens mount modifiers with the C-Series.

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