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Matthews Introduces 40″ x 40″ Matthshield Floppy for Camera, Crew Protection


Matthshield Floppy (Matthews)

Matthew Studio Equipment has added a new 40″ x 40″ Matthshield Floppy to its line-up of protective shields to provide protection for crew, actors and gear. It can fold out to 40″ x 80″ but it only weighs five pounds and is portable and compact enough to be maneuverable in tight locations. It can fit into the back of a hatchback car for transportation.

Photo: Matthews

The Matthshield Floppy is made of clear marine vinyl that functions as a UV protectant and comes with a 3/8″ pin for easy mounting to standard grip gear. It can be used to screen cameras, crew and talent from splattering special effects as well as a safety barrier to protect from COVID-19 transmission. Its frame is built with 3/8″ stainless steel tubing, its sturdy-gauge optically clear marine vinyl picked to withstand the elements from hot sunlight to extreme cold without yellowing or becoming brittle over time.

It joins Matthews 40″ x 40″ family that also includes flags, top or bottom-hinge expandable Floppies, top hinge black/white Matthbounce Floppies, Artificial Silk and 40”x40” Flag Bag.

You can watch a promotional video for the Matthshield Floppy below and learn more at Matthews’ site.



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