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New Snapbag Released That Fits the Hydra and Features Metallic Fabric Interior


Image via DoPchoice

A new Snapbag has arrived on the scene just in time for Astera’s latest LED wonder — Hydra. Custom-designed to perfectly fit the Hydra, the patented Snapbag softbox offers the added softening control that discerning cinematographers request.

A perfect match for Hydra, the patented Snapbag SBATHY11 features DoPchoice‘s new Snapshape material, which makes setup smooth and hardware-free. The Snapbag neatly hook-and-loops directly to the Astera fixture and breaks down just as easily by folding into its black carry bag. It measures 13 x 10.6 x 7.1 in/33 x 27 x 18cm, and weighs just 0.7-lb /.3kg.

For added control, each unit comes with two front diffusions, Magic Cloth and a half grid cloth, which quickly install via hook-and-loop within the front lip of the softbox.

Featuring a metallic fabric interior, Snapbags are known for brightening and evening out the illumination — to make  the most of the LED fixture.

For more on Snapbags for Hydra, click here.

Image via DoPChoice
Image via DoPchoice
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