Society of Camera Operators Offers Back to Work Zoom Discussion

Society Camera Operators

societyofcameraoperators-300x2255674045634921871736.pngThe Society of Camera Operators (SOC) has announced that it will conduct a two-hour Zoom session on Sunday, August 9 at 11AM PT to talk about the “new normal” of how productions will be resuming and how the necessary changes to prevent the spread of COVID might affect the operators.

Participants will include SOC members George Billinger, Dave Chameides, Andrew Mitchell and Gretchen Warthen, as well as Cheli Clayton Samaras.

You can read the full announcement below, but SOC is making the session available not just to SOC members but anyone in the community who wants to be involved in the conversation, which will be recorded and archived on the SOC member portal for future reference.

You can read more about this Zoom session and register for it on

Society Camera Operators