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Society of Camera Operators Announces Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees


Larry McConkey, SOC on the set of Hugo (photo provided by SOC)

The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) has announced the recipients of the upcoming Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards. Recipients will be presented and honored during the annual SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards on Saturday, February 24, 2024.

New for 2024, the SOC has announced the addition of a new award category, “Camera Operator Unscripted,” recognizing outstanding achievements in unscripted filmmaking excellence.

Matthew Moriarty, SOC President shared, “I’m especially proud to announce the SOC’s first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award for Camera Operators working in Unscripted Television. These operators are a vibrant and growing component of our membership, and it is important that they be represented at what we think will be a very special event.”

Mande Whitaker, SOC (photo provided by SOC)

The Lifetime Achievement Awards are given in recognition of outstanding achievement by an established person within the field of film and video production. The honorees of the Lifetime Achievement Awards were nominated in six critically acclaimed categories including: Camera Operator Film and Television, Camera Operator Broadcast, Camera Technician, Mobile Platform Camera Operator, Still Photographer, and (new) Camera Operator Unscripted.

The recipients are:

Camera Operator – Larry McConkey, SOC
Camera Operator, Broadcast – Dave Hilmer
Camera Operator, Unscripted – Mande Whitaker, SOC
Camera Technician – Patrick McArdle
Mobile Camera Platform Operator – Rick Marroquin
Still Photographer – Claudette Barius

Moriarty added, “The SOC Awards honors not just camera operators, but the full spectrum of shotmakers on a film set, as well as the companies behind the equipment we use. Because it’s been such a difficult year, we wanted our next awards event to not only reflect the reality of what our industry faced in 2023, but to help start the healing.”

The Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented at the SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards on Saturday, February 24, 2024, benefiting The Vision Center at the Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.

Awards details and past recipients can be found on the SOC Awards site. For further information about the SOC’s Annual Society of Camera Operators Awards, visit

The Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards:

The Lifetime Achievement Awards will be on February 24, 2024, honoring the art and craft of camera operating and production crew. Past Awards have featured a red carpet show, dinner, and a live stream of the Awards ceremony. More details for the upcoming awards will be released soon.

For further information about the Awards seats, sponsorship, and all other details, visit


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