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Sony Introduces Cinema Line of Cameras, Including FX6


Sony FX6 (courtesy: Sony)

Not to be outdone by Panasonic‘s big reveal today, Sony Electronics announced the launch of its own Cinema Line of camera products, which will “bring together Sony’s expertise in image quality, attention to detail, technology and passion in digital cinema.” The Cinema Line is comprised of the existing VENICE and FX9 cameras, which will be boosted by the release of Sony’s new FX6 camera (pictured) by the end of the year, which will “appeal to a wider spectrum of visual creators.”


The Cinema Line promises to deliver “the coveted cinematographic look cultivated through extensive experience in digital cinema production, but also the enhanced operability and reliability that meet discerning creators’ various needs.” The series will also “extend beyond traditional cinema camera and professional camcorder form factors.”

On top of that, the FX9 will get a Version 3.0 firmware update in 2021, which will add S700PTP, a protocol that realizes S700P remote control over TCP/IP, and a Center Scan mode for Super 16mm lens and B4 lens support with an adaptor. This coming November, VENICE will add new features with its own Version 6.0 firmware update.

In a statement, Sony Electronics’ Deputy President of Imaging Products and Solutions Americas said about the Cinema Line: “The voice of our customer is critical to everything we do. We have the deepest respect for filmmakers, cinematographers and storytellers, and will continue to evolve our product line to meet and exceed their demands. Just as our VENICE camera was designed to capture the emotion in every frame, our new Cinema Line expands that vision to allow a broader range of creators to push their boundaries further, and capture and create like they’ve never been able to before.”

The announcement follows 20 years since Sony released the HDW-5900 as the world’s first 24p digital cinema camera, and two years after the release of the VENICE.

You can learn more about the Cinema Line and any updates at the Sony site.

Cinema Line
Sony Cinema Line (Sony)


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