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Former GM Of Cutters Joins Re:think


Re:think Post announced that John McGrath has joined the company as a partner and lead facilitator focused on business development and growth.

Before joining re:think, McGrath spent 20 years as the general manager of Cutters, Inc. Re:think founder, Brian Bullock, worked with McGrath for nearly a decade when he was the director of CGI at Sol Design, a division of Cutters. “John has a fantastic track record of building companies, staffs and opportunities and his role at re:think is to facilitate all three. He is the glue that keeps the creative efforts moving forward.”

“At the heart of my decision,” said McGrath, “is my belief that the Midwest’s creative community will be greatly served by having a local and regional 3D effects and design resource that’s available to them, not only to crank out frames, but to partner with from the beginning of the creative process. Until now, CGI has never received the resources it deserves to push it to the forefront in the Midwest. CGI is simply the hardest image work there is to accomplish, which is why so many of the Midwest’s post houses have shied away from making the investment necessary to compete with the large shops on the coasts and overseas. Brian Bullock is committed to changing that and I’m excited to join him in those efforts.”

3D isn’t like the rest of postproduction. “I can walk into an Apple store and without making a dent in my credit card, walk out with all the tools I need to compete with anyone in town in editing, sound, color correction, even acquisition. But not 3D,” said McGrath. “Behind every great 3D shop is rack after rack of rendering computers and very complex workflow management software that enables 3D to be timely, flexible, collaborative, seamless and awe inspiring. 3D is hard. It requires not only creative genius, but a few mad scientists behind the curtain as well. Brian is one the very best at creating photorealistic images that blend perfectly into glass acquired footage. That’s why he’s the right person for me to do this with.”

Re:think focuses on creating photo-real CGI and is aiming its efforts at automotive work, pharmaceuticals, commercials, feature films, interactive content, mobile content and events. It will be assembling a team over the next few months that will reside not only in Chicago and the Midwest but around the globe. The company also plans to announce the opening of its permanent headquarters in Chicago later this year.

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