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MastersFX Names Sandra Lindala as New Vice President


International character FX company, MastersFX, has appointed Sandra Lindala as new Vice President, overseeing the company’s operations in both their Vancouver and Toronto studios. She will develop new business to empower the continued expansion of MastersFX.

Lindala brings more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, having successfully collaborated with many of the biggest names in TV, film, music and publishing.

For the past twelve-years, she managed Lindala Schminken FX, as Makeup FX Producer, to hundreds of film and television productions, including: Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and The Stand; Shogun, Resident Alien, Antlers, The Grudge, Peacemaker, See, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale, Supernatural, and Once Upon a Time – which merited an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Makeup in 2012.

Prior to her position with Lindala Schminken FX, Lindala was an executive at Warner Bros., Spafax LLC, and Air Canada. At these posts, she focused on marketing, strategic-partnerships and acquisitions, licensing and branded content, publishing and merchandising.

“Sandy’s diverse experience will ensure the continued success of MastersFX.” says Todd Masters, the studio’s Founder, three-time Emmy Award winning president and CEO. “Sandy’s extensive background as a producer, along with her unique creativity AND her exceptional knowledge in character FX is the supreme meal-deal for us.”

“Sandy’s a legend in our industry,” MastersFX’s Toronto boss Zane Knisley added – while juggling MastersFX work on the TV series, The Boys. “She is the missing link our studio has needed. I’m excited that she’ll help us get to our next-level and thrilled that she has joined our company!”

Said Sandy Lindala, “I look forward to better serving those clients who have been part of MastersFX’s journey for its thirty-six years, as well as many others, with whom I have connected. MastersFX is the true-home for artists and creators, and I look forward to evolving its ability to execute at even a higher level.”

Founder Todd Masters adds, “As we have grown, we’ve developed into far-more than just a special-character-effects company. In addition to our FX work, we often function as innovative-partners, conceiving characters and assisting in the project’s overall tone. In certain cases, we’ll even work as producing associates. Adding Sandy’s specific experience in this area, makes her an invaluable component to MastersFX. We are so excited to welcome her to our team!”


Founded in 1987 by three-time Emmy® Award winner Todd Masters, MastersFX is a character & makeup FX company with studios in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

MastersFX’s creative teams produce a distinctive blend of practical & digital makeup FX, prosthetics and animatronics for hundreds of the entertainment industry’s biggest movies and television shows.

MastersFX created the cadavers from Six Feet Under… The vampires for True Blood… Jack from the Jack in the Box commercials… Bib the Michelin Man… The Borg from Star Trek… The babies from Look Who’s Talking… The werewolves from Underworld… Chucky from Child’s Play… And the predator from the recent film version of The Predator.

Recently, the studio completed Season Two of Showtime’s hit show, Yellowjackets, and MGM’s popular, From series, along with the final season of CW’s Nancy Drew – all three shows are set to premiere in the next few months. Additionally, the prolific studio is currently filming Nickelodeon’s Monster High, CBS’s Fire Country, Season Six of The Good Doctor, Season Four of The Boys, and Season Four of The Umbrella Academy.

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