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Motion Picture Sound Editors Waive Member Dues As Response to Ongoing Strikes


In consideration of the ongoing strikes by SAG/AFTRA and the WGA, the board of the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) has voted unanimously to waive dues payments for its members for the current year. As with other below-the-line talent, sound editors have been profoundly impacted by the stoppage of film and television production. The board is making this gesture in support of its members, many of whom are currently out of work, and to help them avoid having to make the difficult choice of maintaining their membership while experiencing economic hardship.

“We want our members to remain actively involved in our organization, and able to attend our educational seminars, Sound Advice webinars, and other events,” says MPSE President Mark A. Lanza. “We want our members to continue to hone their skills so that, once the strikes are settled, they can return to work at the top of their game as premier sound artists. Our mission is to promote our members and the craft of entertainment sound. Waiving dues at this challenging time is fully in keeping with that mission.”

MPSE is not union-affiliated and has no position on the strike, but they look forward to a quick and amicable resolution so that all parties can return to the work they love.

MPSE members who have not paid 2023 – 2024 membership dues will have them waived. Members who have already paid will have their dues credited to the following year.

About MPSE

Founded in 1953, the Motion Picture Sound Editors is a non-profit organization of professional sound and music editors who work in the motion picture television and gaming industries. The organization’s mission is to provide a wealth of knowledge from award-winning professionals to a diverse group of individuals, youth and career professionals alike; mentoring and educating the community about the artistic merit and technical advancements in sound and music editing; providing scholarships for the continuing advancement of motion picture sound in education; and helping to enhance the personal and professional lives of the artists who practice this unique craft.


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