Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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MPTF Strike Averted


On Friday, the MPTF (Motion Picture & Television Fund) announced that the SEIU-UHW had agreed to a 60-day cooling-off period, during which time, the two organizations will continue to negotiate toward a collective bargaining agreement, averting a three-day strike that was set to begin Monday and run until Thursday.

“I’m pleased we were able to reach this time out,” said Bob Beitcher, MPTF CEO.

He added that “After speaking at length with Dave [Regan] I feel more optimistic that the two sides can figure a way to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion.”

The SEIU-UHW has rescinded its intent to strike at MPTF for three days. Both parties also agreed to withdraw their Unfair Labor Practice claims. The SEIU-UHW is also withdrawing its bargaining proposal regarding nurse staffing levels.

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