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ArsenalFX Expands Postproduction Team


ArsenalFX, a visual effects post production studio specializing in high end commercial finishing, has expanded its team by hiring David Carlson as senior CG generalist, promoting Cortney Haile to head of operations and hiring Casey Conroy as VFX director. Carlson previously served as a senior CG generalist at Digital Domain.

During his time at Digital Domain, Carlson worked on a television spot for David Fincher, Nike’s “Gamebreaker,” the winner of a Clio Award. Additional projects while at Digital Domain include Nike’s “Biomorph”, a commercial for Toyota‘s GT86, Nine Inch Nails “Only” music video, the game trailer for Halo 4 “Neuron”, Tron Legacy, Oblivion and X-Men: First Class. Carlson has also worked previously for Riot Pictures, Method Studios, Netter Digital, Cantina Pictures, Powderkeg Pictures, Hidden Fortress and RogueState.

Carlson also worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) during its Mars Science Laboratory Rover mission, digitally recreating the descent stage “Sky Crane” for pre-enactment animations. Carlson’s name was included in a guest book that was sent to Mars with the rover.

Before ArsenalFX, Haile created M E Films and worked for Lionsgate Films where she was introduced to postproduction. Before her promotion Haile was an account executive for ArsenalFX.

Prior to ArsenalFX, Conroy served as a visual effects producer and on-set visual effects supervisor for Warner Bros. Digital Distributionʼs videogame “Mortal Kombat Legacy: Season 2.” Conroy has worked in post production for nearly 20 years, primarily serving as a visual effects producer and/or visual effects supervisor.

Conroy has worked with many commercial clients, including: Mercedes, Jaguar, Cadillac, Coke, Intel, Gatorade, Budweiser, FedEx, Activision, and Ubisoft. In addition, he has worked on several Super Bowl commercials and feature films including SpiderMan II, The Day After Tomorrow, The Bucket List and Drive. His episodic television credits include Six Feet Under, Itʼs Always Sunny in Philadelphia, George Lopez, The Drew Carey Show and Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

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