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Atomos Makes Three Announcements Ahead of NAB Show 2023


Ahead of the launch of NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas this weekend, global digital video technology leader Atomos has made three announcements, one being a collaboration with Sony Electronics to enable Ci Media Cloud access directly from Atomos Cloud Studio, its browser-based, collaborative video editor, which adds Atomos Edit to its list of tools. Atomos has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Streamonix Incfor the development, deployment and testing of a next-generation, real-time streaming Pilot Project that links Atomos Cloud Studio to the Streamonix Media Streaming Federation™ (MSF™) test network.

The collaboration with Sony Electronics will integrate Atomos’ pioneering CONNECT range of camera-mounted monitor-recorders* which can be attached to virtually any HDMI or SDI camera source. (*excluding Zato CONNECT)

On set camera to cloud workflows significantly speed up content creation by reducing the time it takes to get from acquisition to post-production. There is no need to ship hard drives or copy files from one drive to another. With this integration, users can upload files directly to a specific folder in their Ci Workspace from any camera using Atomos CONNECT products. Once files are uploaded to a Workspace, Ci automatically creates transcodes, and makes the files available for preview, commenting, and review. Files, proxies, and clips can be delivered to post-production teams directly from Ci, avoiding duplicate copies of files and redundant rendering. Flexible access models, unlimited users, and secure file sharing tools allow productions to quickly and easily bring new team members on to projects and work seamlessly together.

Basic access to Sony’s Ci Media Cloud will be available through Atomos Cloud Studio free of charge. For just $/€5 per month, customers can register up to five Atomos CONNECT devices, all capable of uploading 1080P proxy files while recording production-quality files locally. Proxy uploads use Atomos’ unique progressive file transfer technology, a transformative innovation that gets content into Ci extremely quickly.

“Sony’s Ci Media Cloud platform is firmly established in high-end scripted and movie workflows,” said Trevor Elbourne, CEO of Atomos. “With our integration we can bring this rich collection of proven online tools to a much wider audience. We see Atomos Cloud Studio as the gateway into many different workflow solutions, and we’re excited to be offering our customers more options to suit their preferences.”

“Atomos’ monitor-recorders have long supported Sony’s camera technology and been a favorite among users within the M&E industry,” said David Rosen, Vice President of Cloud Applications and Services, Sony Electronics. “The integration between Ci and Atomos provides today’s creator with an agile and streamlined pathway to support rapid delivery of high-quality content to the cloud, saving valuable time during production. This new compatibility allows creatives to tell powerful stories in a timely fashion – from virtually anywhere – using the tools they love.”

The new integration is scheduled to be rolled out in mid-2023.

Atomos Shogun CONNECT on set / Atomos

Furthermore, the company has announced Atomos Edit, the latest addition to Atomos Cloud Studio, its browser-based, collaborative video editor. It lets Atomos CONNECT users clip, edit and brand fast turnaround content for social media in the cloud, quickly and on the move.

With Atomos Edit, the complete end to end video production process is dramatically simplified. You can upload media in the field directly from an Atomos device, edit on any browser, and then choose to either publish direct to social media or export to another NLE for finishing.

Web optimized playback allows teams and external clients to view images, audio, and video on any device. It’s easy to review and approve from phone, tablet, or desktop. Activity reports allow you to see who has viewed, downloaded, commented, and more. With push notifications, you’ll never miss reviews or approvals.

Key Atomos Edit features include:

Professional-style timeline with multiple audio and video tracks
Multi-user editing with ability to lock the timeline
Collaborative review, comment, tag and approve workflows
High speed, interrupt-resilient uploads of large video files
Effects and transitions
Powerful sequence versioning
The ability to directly import stock video content

Direct publishing to YouTube and Vimeo is a standout feature of Atomos Edit, allowing creators to manage, edit and publish their content directly to these leading platforms without ever having to download and edit large media files, or upload finished media to the cloud.

ATOMOS CONNECT adds network connectivity and cloud services (via subscription) to existing products like the Ninja V and Ninja V+, and is built in to Zato CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT.

“Adding cloud editing is a natural progression for our CONNECT products,” said Atomos CEO Trevor Elbourne. “Collaborative editing and publishing of content delivered directly from our hardware, via our cloud services, is an incredibly attractive proposition for our customers. Atomos Edit underpins our strategy of providing powerful and complementary services from our Cloud Studio gateway.”

Atomos Edit will be available in three subscription plans: free, $/€10 per user per month and $/€50 per user per month. The cloud-based application has been developed in collaboration with Axle AI, a world leader in radically simple edit and media management software. A beta version will be shown at the Atomos booth at NAB (C4135).

Atomos Connect Ninja V

Lastly, Atomos’ integration with Streamonix will begin with a pilot project that will allow the MSF to operate as a one-to-many, real-time accelerator and delivery utility for streams produced in Atomos Cloud Studio. Through the Streamonix Cloud-to-MSF™ interface, Atomos Cloud Studio will offload live-streaming to the MSF, enhancing the livestreaming experience of Atomos users. The Pilot Project’s MSF will span select global locations and transmit live HD and 4K video streams from the Atomos Cloud to a large global audience with less than one second of latency.

The Pilot Project will demonstrate the ultra-low-latency, ultra-high bit-rate streaming capability of Streamonix technology and its suitability as the foundation for global-scale, real-time streaming applications such as live sports and entertainment, digital daily deliveries, and ProRes RAW production video file transfers. By leveraging the real-time power of the MSF, Atomos will explore the cost savings and production benefits that accrue from delegating livestreaming work to a dedicated streaming utility.

“The demand for low-latency, high bit-rate streaming is rising rapidly across many of our markets, and is driving the need for high performance, cost-effective livestreaming solutions that can enhance and extend Atomos Cloud Studio”, said Elbourne. “This pilot project with Streamonix gives us an opportunity to evaluate the potentially game-changing Streamonix solution and to work together to redefine the cloud-based video production market.”

“Atomos has transformed the way digital film and video content is made and is now a leading innovator in the cloud-based video production market”, said Bradley Hankinson, CEO of Streamonix. “Working with Atomos to link their Atomos Cloud Studio with our MSF enables us to demonstrate the vital benefits of our scalable, cost-effective, secure, ultra-low-latency real-time streaming technology. This positions the MSF as a real-time delivery utility for content produced in the cloud.”

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