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Bling Digital to Discuss “Post on Demand” at HPA’s Post Pit


Chris Parker
Chris Parker
Bling Digital will discuss the emerging world of Post On Demand in a 20-minute technology demonstration as part of the HPA’s popular NAB Post Pit series. Bling Digital chief technology officer Chris Parker and vice president of creative services Chris Jacobson will showcase new technologies that are enabling feature and television productions to save time and money by limiting their reliance on brick-and-mortar postproduction facilities.

Bling Digital’s “Post On Demand” session is scheduled for April 9 at 10 a.m. at booth SL15708 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Chris Jacobson
Chris Jacobson
Parker and Jacobson will describe some of the portable postproduction systems that Bling Digital has developed for productions such as Pacific Rim, Suits and Covert Affairs. Bling Digital P.O.D.s are enabling those and other productions to conduct common postproduction operations such as dailies processing, color correction and editorial in near-set and on-set environments.

“Our P.O.D.s can be configured to perform a wide range of postproduction functions,” explained Parker. “They can be used in an editorial room to perform final color and online or they can be used to process dailies in a hotel room in Morocco.”

“We’re not talking about a specific piece of hardware, but rather about a new theory, a new way of thinking about post,” Jacobson added. “It’s all about ramping up efficiency.”

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