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Boris FX Acquires CrumplePop, Adds Top-Rated Machine Learning (ML) Technology


Boris FX, the leading developer of video editing and visual effects plugins, has acquired CrumplePop. The company’s success in creating AI-driven audio plugins paired with a technical background in video plugins makes it a perfect complement to the storied Boris FX product line, which includes Sapphire, Continuum, Mocha Pro, Silhouette, and Optics.

“Many members of our video editing community have asked for audio tools over the years to help with daily tasks such as removing echo, pop, wind, or traffic noise. The CrumplePop product lineup has an industry-leading reputation for solving many of the hardest problems in audio finishing and restoration,” says Boris Yamnitsky, founder and CEO of Boris FX. “The team’s commitment to excellence and high-quality engineering aligns fully with our award-winning tools and philosophy. It’s a privilege to welcome the CrumplePop team and customers into the Boris FX family.”

Professional video editors, podcasters, and YouTubers favor the machine learning-based audio plugins for their accuracy and simplicity. “CrumplePop’s audio tools, including Echo Remover, are essential to my toolkit. They’re incredibly easy to use, and the results are always fantastic,” states Jon Anderson, award-winning editor. “As an editor, I need reliable tools that deliver fast results. CrumplePop delivers on both fronts.”

“Audio quality can make or break a video, and shooting in less-than-ideal locations is often unavoidable,” comments Jonathan Montes, video production manager at Entravision Communications Corporation. “The CrumplePop tools give me the confidence to know I can always fix it in post.”

“The first machine learning models we trained a few years ago were not practical for plugins due to GPU hardware requirements and the speed needed for editing, VFX, and compositing workflows,” comments Yamnitsky. “We’ve now developed ML models that execute in near real-time and do not require cloud-based platforms. CrumplePop’s experience developing advanced AI audio restoration models on the same NLEs used by video editors and visual effects artists will greatly accelerate our ML product roadmap.”

CrumplePop Echo Remover
CrumplePop EchoRemover / Borix FX

“We’re thrilled to join forces with the Boris FX team. Access to expanded resources and a combined AI development effort will allow us to add more cutting-edge features to the CrumplePop audio toolset faster,” says Gabriel Cheifetz, co-founder of CrumplePop. “We can’t wait to get started. Our next product release will greatly interest anyone who produces videos or podcasts.”

Boris FX will focus its machine learning efforts on the post-production industry’s most laborious tasks: image and audio restoration, keying and object isolation, motion and camera tracking, and paint and rotoscoping.

“As we look towards the future, we’re excited about the powerful results AI-driven tools produce when trained properly,” ends Yamnitsky. “We plan to provide superior ML-tech inside our plugins that offer massive time-savings and allow our users to focus on what matters most — telling creative stories that emotionally connect the world.”

CrumplepPop audio plugins will continue to be developed and sold under the Boris FX brand. The plugins are available as an annual/monthly subscription or a perpetual license. Pricing starts at $23 per month and varies by plan option. Customers may also choose the free “Starter” plan, which includes three plugins and trial versions of the rest of the product line.

Learn more about CrumplePop.

For a limited time, customers who purchase CrumplePop plugins through Friday, April 21, 2023, save 25% on a single product plan. Use coupon code BORISFX at checkout when you visit the webshop.

Boris FX will host an exclusive live demo and ML-technology roundtable featuring Gabriel Cheifetz, Jed Smentek, and Patrick Donohoe of CrumplePop, along with Boris FX’s leadership team of Boris Yamnitsky and John-Paul Smith on Tuesday, April 11th, at 2 pm ET/11 am PT/ 6 pm UTC.

Learn more at

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