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Camille Geier Joins the Management Team at Rodeo FX



Camille Geier
Camille Geier
Montreal-based VFX studio Rodeo FX added Camille Geier to its management team. Rodeo FX offers a complete array of visual effects services to the film, television and advertising industry. Acting as executive producer for the studio, Geier will work in New York City and on the East Coast, where Rodeo FX intends to build new relationships with film, television and commercial producers.

Geier, who received her training in visual effects at George LucasIndustrial Light & Magic (ILM), comes with more than 20 years of experience in the film and advertising industry, and possesses a background in VFX production and business development. During her career, she produced visual effects on blockbuster films including Gangs of New York, Van Helsing and The Adjustment Bureau, working for directors Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood, to name a few.

Rodeo FX’ president Sébastien Moreau said, “I’ve known Camille for 12 years now and it was just a matter of time before we would reunite and work together again, after our fruitful partnership at ILM. Camille is a great producer. She really understands her clients’ needs and vision, and always delivers a final product that exceeds expectations.”

After moving from ILM to Weta Digital, Moreau founded Rodeo FX in 2006. Its objective in the near future is to develop new business opportunities on the East Coast and eventually open a production office in New York, leveraging tax credits in both New York and Québec. In the meantime, the Montreal head office will handle production on film, TV and commercial projects.

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