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Company 3 Partners with Mofac Studio for South Korean Virtual Outpost


Deluxe subsidiary, Company 3 has partnered with Seoul, South Korea-based post facility Mofac Studio to provide feature film and commercial clients in the region color grading services from Company 3’s world-wide network of artists. Like the nearly 20 other Company 3 “virtual outposts” throughout the world, this one will allow Korean clients working out of Mofac Studio to collaborate in real time with any of the colorists based in any of Company 3’s Santa Monica, New York, Atlanta or London facilities.

“South Korea has an extremely robust film industry and is the center of a great deal of high-end commercial production,” said Jackie Lee, Company 3’s vice president, sales. “This ‘virtual outpost’ is a wonderful way to bring clients working there to our Company 3 colorists.”

The outposts are set up to ensure precise calibration of displays in the two locations so that everyone at both facilities sees exactly the same images and image refinements – as though they were together in the same theater.

“For years, I have spoken with colleagues about how exciting it would be to have the same kind of connectivity in our business that the internet has brought to so much else,” said Mofac CEO, Jang Seong Ho. “Fast forward to 2012, and this is now a reality here in Korea through the partnership between Mofac and Company 3. Our clients can now work with the best colorists in the world virtually without ever having to travel outside the city. Not only is the commercial industry buzzing over this, but the film industry as well.”

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