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Cut+Run Adds Editor Kamila Daurenova To Roster


Cut+Run has announced that editor Kamila Daurenova has joined their roster of award-winning editors. Kamila’s body of work is punctuated with a powerful sense of dynamic rhythm and a passionate eye for supporting cinematic storytelling – often with identity at its center. Kamila is based in New York and available for Cut+Run collaborations nationally and internationally.

“Kamila has a depth and dimension which shines through her work,” says Lauren Hertzberg, Managing Partner, Cut+Run NY. “Her editing style is captivating and expressive, and we are so excited to work with her as she continues to create with impact.”

Born and raised in Qazaqstan, Kamila moved to New York to pursue her passion for film. After studying film at NYU Tisch, she worked as an assistant editor at MTV and Saturday Night Live, before being promoted to editor at Forager. She has since lent her talent to projects for such noted brands as Levi’s, Nike, Snapchat, Puma, Cricket Wireless, Vans, and Under Armour. She thrives on the rapid timelines and variety that comes with advertising.

In addition to brand-supported collaborations, Kamila has a deep commitment to honoring her culture through alliances and projects with fellow Qazaq artists. “I was drawn to filmmaking because of the power of visual storytelling as a reflection and amplification of culture and the human experience,” Kamila explains.

A sense of community and passion for craft are driving forces behind her decision to join Cut+Run. “Cut+Run has been on my radar for a long time and after meeting everyone it was evident that it was a great fit,” she continues. “They emphasize kindness alongside creativity, give their editors amazing support, and have built a collaborative environment that I am truly happy to join.”

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