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Deluxe and Technicolor Partner for D-Cinema Joint Venture


Deluxe and Technicolor announced that they have reached an agreement to create a new digital cinema joint venture, Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema.

This joint venture will specialize in theatrical digital cinema mastering, distribution and key management services, combining the technologies and personnel of both companies.

The new business will be managed by Deluxe and based in Burbank, Calif., while all other lines of business will continue to operate independently of one another.

“As the global entertainment industry continues its transition to 100 percent digital distribution and delivery, this transformational partnership will be optimally positioned to offer our companies’ existing and future customers industry-leading digital cinema services with greater efficiencies,” said David Kassler, CEO of Deluxe Entertainment Services.

“This partnership puts us in a stronger position to offer industry-leading digital cinema services around the world,” added Tim Sarnoff, president production services at Technicolor.

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