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Deluxe Appoints Brian Fowler as Senior VP, Dubbing Operations


Deluxe, the global provider of digital and cloud-based localization and distribution solutions to the world’s leading content production studios and distributors, announced today that they have appointed industry veteran, Brian Fowler to Senior Vice President, Dubbing Operations. Fowler will report directly to Chris Reynolds, Deluxe’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Worldwide Localization and Fulfillment and will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as a senior leader of global operations.

Reynolds said, “We are thrilled to have an executive of Brian Fowler’s caliber join our exceptional team. He has a tremendous amount of experience and has held a wide range of roles in several different countries, which will benefit Deluxe immensely and further its mission to enhance the dubbing experience across the globe with our proprietary technology, while respecting the human art and creativity of audio-visual dubbing. We are confident that Brian will bring new perspectives and expertise to the team as we continue to expand and focus on implementing new workflows and technology to support our customers.”

Fowler added “I am thrilled to join Deluxe, an organization with a rich history that continues to thrive in the ever-changing media industry. With streaming services on the rise, Dubbing is a crucial component of everything nowadays, and I am honored to work for a company with such an impressive clientele and help bring a brighter future for new and old clients alike. I am committed to delivering the highest quality services and building long-lasting relationships with clients to help them achieve their localization goals.”

Prior to joining Deluxe, Fowler served as a senior leader at SDI Media, then Iyuno, for a total of 19 years, where he directed operations across multiple languages and regions. His experience in this capacity has equipped him with the skills and expertise to handle complex projects and ensure that clients’ needs are met with excellence. In addition to his experience in operations, Brian has also managed Client Services and HR teams in various countries, which has given him a deep understanding of cross-cultural communication and collaboration. He is adept at building relationships and fostering a positive work environment that empowers employees to achieve their best work.

Deluxe’s capabilities include handling dubbing projects end-to-end, including the full project management, recording, mixing and delivery in over 100 languages. Deluxe’s footprint continues to grow through both acquisitions and organic growth. Over the past 12 months, Deluxe has acquired new dubbing studios in both Germany and Los Angeles and has multiple studio expansions underway. The company will continue to make strategic acquisitions, technology investments and build out new studios and capabilities around the world to support its customers.


Deluxe Media Inc. (Deluxe) provides innovative, secure distribution and localization services for studios, streaming platforms and content creators worldwide. Deluxe’s cloud-based solutions offer unprecedented flexibility and reach through its customizable, end-to-end solutions that enable customers to create, transform, localize and distribute content and immersive streaming experiences to audiences on a global scale.

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