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Deluxe Integrates London DI Facility into Company 3


Deluxe Entertainment Services Group announced the integration of its Deluxe 142 Digital Intermediate (DI) facility in London into Company 3.

The addition of London’s premier DI group into Company 3’s network of facilities extends Company 3’s reach into Europe, complementing its existing New York, Atlanta and Santa Monica locations. Company 3 in London will be overseen by Stefan Sonnenfeld, Company 3 president, co-founder and president of Deluxe Creative Services, with day-to-day operations led by Patrick Malone, director of digital film services. The DI service remains an integral part of the suite of services offered by Deluxe 142 who will continue to offer a complete end-to-end postproduction solution to their client base spanning the broadcast and feature film market.

The facility has two theatre’s featuring Da Vinci Resolve R350 digital grading systems and 2K Barco projectors, which mirror those installed at Company 3’s U.S. locations. This enables the global team to work together from dailies through to deliverables. The London facility is also equipped to work in partnership with Company 3’s sister facility, EFILM.

“This is a natural progression for our London team after years of collaboration with CO3,” said Malone. “Company 3 is a trusted name among Hollywood studios, synonymous with creative excellence, technical expertise and efficient workflows. Our senior colourists Adam Glasman and Rob Pizzey are world class and this change increases our opportunity to work on more of the large international projects finishing in the U.K.” The London team, led by Malone, has already worked on several high-profile films including One Day, The Inbetweeners The Movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

“Having a new location based out of London is especially exciting for CO3. The addition of these DI suites opens the door for U.K.-based feature clients who want to finish at Company 3,” said Sonnenfeld. “It also further expands opportunities for the growing number of features that need to spread postproduction services across both U.S. and U.K. locations.”

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