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Digital Arts Opens New 4K Postproduction Facility in New York City


Digital Arts Theater in New York
Digital Arts Facility in New York

In anticipation of the mass adoption of 4K/Ultra High Definition (UHD) technology, New York’s Digital Arts announced the launch of its new 4K postproduction facility, which will combine 4K color grading and finishing capabilities with state-of-the-art audio technologies in a 12,000sq/ft facility in Midtown Manhattan.

“We’re passionate about creative excellence, and with this next-generation facility, we’re opening a new chapter in New York’s long tradition of innovation,” said Digital Arts’ founder Axel Ericson. “We have built an inspiring environment where experienced digital artists have the latest technology at their disposal in order to collaborate creatively with filmmakers in this new paradigm.”

The company’s real-time 4K, 2K and HD color correction and finishing suites feature extensive color science, including ACES, across ASSIMILATE Scratch and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve grading platforms. The 27-seat DI theater combines a Christie 4220 4K digital projector with a 17-foot 4K mesh screen, from Image Screens in Germany.

“In designing these facilities I knew we had the opportunity to start from the ground up in our approach to image, sound and the creative working environment itself,” Ericson explained. “Through a careful set of choices and a no-compromise approach to detail, Digital Arts sets a new milestone in New York.”

The new facility will provide complete workflows, including digital dailies grading, editorial, DCP mastering and LTO-6 archival.

Speaking about the capabilities of Digital Arts’ new DI theater Ted Schilowitz of RED Digital Cinema said, “RED is paying close attention to those postproduction companies and DI grading and finishing houses that really understand the importance and value of true, high-fidelity post, finishing and delivery. One of those DI facilities is Digital Arts, right in the heart of NYC. It’s great that Axel and his team are driving the technology with a full-on 4K DI grading bay, that can also serve the needs of those shooting RED today and deliver both HD and 4K versions with the same toolset.”

Digital Arts Facility in New York
Digital Arts Facility in New York

Ericson has carried the same attention to detail into designing a audio mixing environment. Sharing the same theater setting, the company’s Dolby-approved re-recording dubstage supports 7.1 and 5.1 surround/stereo audio mixing using Meyer Sound EXP cinema series speakers. Quad ProTools HDX2, with four satellites and double 32-channel D-control ES Icon consoles, enable sound mixing teams to work collaboratively. Services include editorial, sound design, ADR and voiceover recording.

“Digital Arts’ new dubstage is a world-class facility,” said Lee Dichter, Woody Allen’s long-time sound mixer. “During my career I have worked in environments where every detail has been tuned to perfection. To my delight, I discovered that Axel understands the art of sound mixing, and has designed a truly inspirational room. There’s an impressive clarity, power and transparency to the audio it delivers. I found it a great experience while sculpting the dialogue tracks, and bringing out the subtle intimacies of the performances in Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen’s new feature.”

“Our vision is to deliver New York’s most creative postproduction experience while achieving significant advances in quality,” said Ericson. “I want to energize the feature and broadcast communities, and give them something really special that reflects the vibrancy of the city.”

The company’s creative talent pool includes feature and commercial colorist Milan Boncich (Beginners, Fair Game, Bobby Fischer Against The World), editor/director David Jakubovic (TWA Flight 800, The Forest Is Red, When Nietzsche Wept) and sound designer/re-recording mixer Chris Foster (30 Rock, Damages, Hide Your Smiling Faces).

The facility has already attracted a number of high-profile projects. The company provided the audio facilities for sound mixer Lee Dichter to complete Woody Allen’s upcoming feature Blue Jasmine. Digital Arts was home to HBO’s music documentary Beyoncé: Life Is But A Dream and completed the audio design and mixing on the feature Hide Your Smiling Faces, directed by Daniel Patrick Carbone. The company also conducted the DI color grade on the feature Plus One, attended by director by Dennis Iliadis and cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr.

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