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Digital Media Rentals Enhances Service with Sohonet FileRunner


Postproduction company Digital Media Rentals (DMR) has installed Sohonet’s accelerated file transfer tool, Sohonet FileRunner. This program allows DMR’s customers to send and receive files of unlimited sizes quickly and safely via the Sohonet Media Network.

DMR was set up in 2009 by father and son team, Nick and Duncan Napier-Bell, to cater to an increasing demand for digital services and digital postproduction equipment. Offering customized packages to film, TV, promo and corporate productions, DMR offers end-to-end services, from camera and lighting through to a full postproduction services and delivery. DMR supplied the first Avid rental to the first Bond film ever to edit non-linear. The company has a strong heritage in film production and has produced 15 films in the last year, including: Love’s Kitchen, Very Brit Gangster and 13 Hours.

“Having a Sohonet Media Network connection is usually a deal breaker for most movies wanting postproduction services in the U.K.,” Nick Napier-Bell said. “As more movies are being made entirely on digital formats, the only way large-scale productions can ensure the security of their digital assets is by using a robust, private network such as the Sohonet Media Network, which is held in the highest regard by the media industry across the globe. The installation of Sohonet FileRunner is a natural addition to our growing range of digital service offerings which keep us ahead of the game.”

“We continue to invest heavily in infrastructure and technology to offer the very best digital services and equipment on the market,” said Duncan Napier-Bell. “Sohonet FileRunner provides an exceptionally easy-to-use tool to enable our customers to send and receive media files speedily and securely, and our customers are already reaping the benefits of our new service.”

Based in London’s Berners Street, DMR hosts 22 state-of-the-art studios. The company has recently worked on post for a number of major film releases, including World War Z (Paramount), The Counsellor (20th Century Fox), Philomena (Stephen Frears) and Confine (Two Bells Productions/Cork Films).

Sohonet FileRunner is a web-based application for accelerated file transfer that fully capitalizes on the speed and security benefits of the Sohonet Media Network. Unlike other file transfer providers, Sohonet FileRunner has no file size limitations and no bandwidth restrictions, thus providing customers with immense levels of flexibility for their short and long-term projects.

Sohonet FileRunner is integrated into the Sohonet Hub, a customer community portal which makes it easy for Sohonet’s growing global community to find, communicate and share information with each other.

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