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DIVE Provides Color for As The Palaces Burn


As The Palaces Burn
As The Palaces Burn
Director Don Argott and his team at 9.14 Pictures recently turned to Philadelphia-based DIVE to handle color correction for their new feature film, As the Palaces Burn.

The film is a feature-length documentary about the band Lamb of God. What started as a film to celebrate the band’s worldwide fan base made a turn when the band’s singer was accused of involuntary manslaughter while playing a show in Eastern Europe.

The film premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam in late November.

“We have been fortunate to work with the talented 9.14 team of Don Argott, Sheena Joyce and Demian Fenton over the past 10 years,” said Bob Lowery, executive producer at DIVE. “They produce compelling stories no matter what the subject matter. As The Palaces Burn is no exception and one of their finest film to date. I know it will find a passionate audience, and we were thrilled for its premiere at such a prestigious festival for documentary filmmakers worldwide.”

Out of the six feature films produced by 9.14 Pictures and directed by Argott, four films have been posted at DIVE, including color correction, sound mix and finishing. Those films include The Art of Steal, Two Days in April and Last Days. For As the Palaces Burn, Argott collaborated closely with DIVE senior colorist Janet Falcon. “Janet has a great eye and works very quickly, which was essential because we had a limited amount of time for post on this film. The film looks great, and Janet elevated the project, taking it to the next level.”

“We really tried to normalize the images and make everything feel natural and consistent,” explained Falcon. “As with most documentaries, this was predominantly shot with available light. There were instances where lighting was inconsistent or inadequate. The main objective was to make the color a non-issue, so the story would be the most important part, and color would not cause any distractions.”

A division of ShootersINC, DIVE specializes in visual effects and picture finishing for feature films, television shows and commercials.

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