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Film School Students Receive Kodak Scholarships


Kodak and the University Film and Video Foundation (UFVF) have named the 2013 recipients of the Kodak Student Scholarship Awards and Kodak Student Cinematography Scholarship Awards, which were selected by a panel of judges led by award-winning cinematographer John Bailey, ASC. This year’s winners represent film schools in Mexico, Africa, Germany and the United States.

Kodak’s annual global competition is designed to recognize emerging talent that demonstrates superior filmmaking skills and creativity. Accredited film schools from around the world nominated up to two students for consideration in each award category. They were judged on a combination of past work, faculty recommendations and academic achievement. Judging took place in July.

The Kodak Student Scholarship winners are:

Gold Award – Carlos Eduardo Correa Reynoso from Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico, for his film Mr. Sabas. His award includes a $5,000 Kodak motion picture film product grant, and a $4,000 tuition scholarship.

Silver Award – Werner Nortje from the AFDA in Africa for Jericho. The award includes a Kodak $4,000 motion picture film grant, and a $3,000 tuition scholarship.

Bronze Award – Nicolas Navia from the American Film Institute (AFI) in the U.S.for his piece The Superman. The award comes with a $3,000 Kodak motion picture product grant and $2,000 tuition scholarship.

The Kodak Student Cinematography winners are:

First Place – Max Preiss from Deutsche Film Und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) in Germany for his cinematography on Come and Play. He receives a $5,000 Kodak film product grant and $3,000 to be applied toward his tuition.

Honorable Mention – Daniella Nowitz, also from AFI, for her work on Sassafras. The award is a $3,000 Kodak product grant, and $1,500 for tuition.

Kodak partners with the University Film and Video Foundation to make this program possible. The UFVF is a not-for-profit organization that engages in and promotes worldwide education, research, innovation and charitable activities in the arts and sciences of moving images and aural communication.

In addition to Bailey, the entries were judged by Melinda Levin, a professor at the University of North Texas and president of the UFVF, and Kodak’s Lorette Bayle, who is also an award-winning filmmaker.

Kodak introduced its worldwide film school program in 1991. Through the years, the program has grown to include a wide range of initiatives to help both students and educators enrich the development of their skills in the art and craft of filmmaking.

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