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HPA Debuts Reference Monitor Symposium


The Hollywood Post Alliance announced that its new HPA Reference Monitor Symposium is set for Oct. 1 at The Walt Disney Studios. The Reference Monitor Symposium was envisioned and planned by a group of industry engineers, color scientists, cinematographers, colorists and post experts driven by the community’s growing need for high quality reference monitoring and the evolving complexity of content and display environments. The symposium offers a full day of demonstrations, presentations, and one-on-one connection with the top minds in the postproduction and display communities.

The Reference Monitor Symposium is geared towards cinematographers, colorists, post supervisors, studio executives, on-set imaging technicians, and other production, post and distribution professionals.

With the various types of displays in professional, home, mobile and cinema environments, the need to accurately display work in progress and master content has never been more important. Loren Nielsen, chair of the event, commented on the need for such a symposium at this time.

“From digital acquisition and on set workflows to widely varied deliverables and home theater, the technology is changing,” noted Nielsen, “and our current and future images may have different characteristics than what we’ve looked for in the past. Higher frame rates, wider color gamut, more dynamic range and more resolution are developments that are here or headed to us.”

“The symposium is not a standard-setting gathering, it’s about taking a thoughtful look at where we are today and understanding what is ahead of us, with the help of industry players on the front line,” Nielsen added.

The Oct. 1 event will take place in the Fantasia Theater, the “Quads” conference center and the Frank G. Wells Theater on the Walt Disney Studios lot, and will include sessions, demonstrations, breakout sessions and a lunchtime gathering with the experts in the Disney Commissary.

“This event has brought together a group of some of the most insightful professionals working in our industry today to address an issue that has not been addressed in this way before,” said Leon Silverman, president of HPA. “As display technology has changed and evolved, the need to understand how best to display and view our content for the various delivery platforms is an increasing challenge for industry professionals. This event is a unique opportunity for our industry to literally see what we are doing with new eyes.”

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