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Hula Post Launches Hula Post Everywhere


Hula Post has announced the launch of Hula Post Everywhere, its newest postproduction servicePrimarily developed as a solution to create remote workflows during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hula Post Everywhere is wherever feature and television editors need to be, anywhere in the U.S.

Hula Post Everywhere fully allows Avid’s Media Composer shared Project and Bin feature on Avid Nexis storage that maintains original editorial functionality when working with multiple editors and assistants. It includes dedicated bandwidth for each remote station, dedicated storage and local PC workstations for each customer. It also includes technical support and service both onsite and remotely, 24/7.

The remote access setup is called the Residential Remote Interface (RRI), which is an in-home installation requiring a secure log-in to the same shared environment as if working locally and is accessible remotely 24/7.  Remote clients can choose between either a Mac or a PC installation with a one, two or three monitor editing system package that is connected to the shared storage.  All plug-ins and third-party tools can still be used with no creative disruption. All editorial collaborators can access any of the projects, bins and media.

At the core of Hula Post Everywhere is the Datacenter, located onsite at Hula Post. The company created a secure, dedicated environment within its facilities that is specific to the Datacenter.  It has stringent security systems and protocols in place in order to fully protect its clients’ content, which creates the ideal remote environment for any post project. Additionally, it mimics access to feature and television projects as if an entire editorial post team are working in the same single location, even with multiple editors across several different locations.

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