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Jon Sandberg Joins Northern Lights, Mr. Wonderful, Bodega Studios and SuperExploder


Jon Sandberg

New York-based boutique studios Northern Lights, Mr. Wonderful, Bodega and SuperExploder have added Jon Sandberg as senior account executive. A respected industry veteran, Sandberg previously served at Company 3 and has held top positions at Bionic, Broadway Video, Limelite Video and Framerunner.

“Northern Lights and its sister companies have the magic formula that has been elusive for so many other companies,” Sandberg said. “It comes down to great creative and exceptional process. I’m thrilled to be a part of such a cohesive, polished team.”

“Jon has the drive and long-standing connections to introduce our companies to new clients and new opportunities,” partner/CD/editor David Gioiella added. “We’re excited to get started.”

A New York native, Sandberg is the son of Dan Sandberg, who founded the noted film processing company TVC. Jon Sandberg started working at TVC as a teen — crossing paths with such filmmaking luminaries as Robert Altman and Martin Scorsese — first sweeping floors and later handling company operations. He graduated from Hofstra University in business administration and later earned his MBA from Adelphi University while working as operations manager at TVC. He went on to serve as general manager at Limelite Video, then was operations manager at Lorne MichaelsBroadway Video. Next, he was director of sales at Framerunner. More recently, Sandberg worked on business development at Bionic followed by a stint as senior account executive for Company 3’s on-air promotions.

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