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L.A. Post Production Group at DV Expo


The Los Angeles Post Production Group (LAPPG) announced it will feature Mobile Filmmaking with a special focus on filmmaking with the Apple iPad at its next meeting, to be held at the DV Expo at 6 p.m. Sept. 25, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

For the past five years, the LAPPG has shared developments, technologies and trends that impact its community of digital media artists. Witness to the digital democratization of filmmaking and its hold on the community, the group has chosen to highlight some pioneers in the field of iPad filmmaking as well as feature a stock footage company whose paradigm allows for anyone to submit footage for consideration.

From the production world, Dave Basulto will introduce his new invention for mobile filmmaking, the iOgrapher. The iOgrapher’s design features two handles on each side of the case, making the iPad mini a hand-held steadicam rig, eliminating shaky footage common when shooting video with mobile devices. The iOgrapher is also designed to enable filmmakers to easily add 37mm lenses to its lens mount area for wide angles, fisheye looks or to capture macro or close up shots. Users can attach lighting and audio gear to its three accessory shoes on the top of the case. The bottom of the case is designed to allow mounting the iPad Mini to any standard tripod, monopod or portable dolly. Basulto will share his story during the event.

On the postproduction side, the LAPPG has invited back Jon Favreau’s go-to editor Dan Lebental (Iron Man, Elf, Cowboys & Aliens, Thor: The Dark World) to share updates on his recently released creation, TouchEdit, the NLE app for the iPad he developed with partner Lumi Docan.

Director of video acquisition, Tom Spota from Shutterstock will share his expertise on how the business of stock footage has changed and what new opportunities have been created. He will focus on what type of stock footage content is in demand, shooting strategies and what one needs to do to get started in the business.

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