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LAPPG Panel Explores Bringing The Unholy to Life


The Los Angeles Post-Production Group (LAPPG) is offering a free Zoom panel on Saturday, May 15, 2021, starting at 1 PM PDT, titled The Unholy from Shutdown to Silver Screen. During the May LAPPG Meeting, they will explore the original shoot prior to shutdown with Cinematographer, Craig Wrobleski, CSC, and how Temprimental VFX navigated the shutdown using creative VFX solutions, to bring The Unholy to the Silver Screen.

You can (and must) register for the meeting here, with the first 100 attendees to “arrive” to the Zoom being admitted first. Once capacity is reached, any spill-over will still be able to watch the livestream on LAPPG’s YouTube channel. (Past panels are archived there for reference.) When you go to register, it’s important to register using your real name, valid Email address and current phone number as there will be a giveaway. This information will allow LAPPG to reach out to you if you win the giveaway. You must stay until the end of the event, though, in order to qualify.

The Unholy, a Sony Pictures/Screen Gems feature film produced by Sam Raimi came to a grinding halt just 10 days shy of their wrap date, due to the COVID pandemic. But with the ingenuity of the visual effects and post-production team, the film was pulled off the shelf, solutions were devised, and the film was completed. It hit the big screen in theaters across the country in April – one of the first films to be released theatrically, in the U.S., since the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Panelists include:

Award-winning cinematographer, Craig Wrobleski, CSC (The Umbrella Academy, In the Tall Grass, Tales from the Loop, Fargo and Legion) will discuss techniques and equipment used (ZEISS Supreme Prime Lenses) to capture the frightening mood.

Executive VFX Producer and Founder of Temprimental VFX, Raoul Bolognini, PGA, AMPAS (Fast & Furious, The Twilight Saga and Tomorrow Never Dies) details the post-production solutions to complete this unfinished film remotely and to solve principal photography issues brought about by the pandemic.

VFX Supervisor at Temprimental VFX, Robert Grasmere (Where’d You Go Bernadette, The Zookeeper’s Wife, The Giver) will share specific examples, such as how they finished scenes while keeping actors socially distant — across continents!

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