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Legend3D Appoints Ian Jessel as President


Ian Jessel

Legend3D announced the appointment of Ian Jessel as president. Jessel, an entertainment industry veteran who was the founding president of Miramax International, is charged with enhancing Legend3D’s market visibility and nurturing studio relationships, specifically driving the company’s growth initiatives in the Hollywood entertainment industry and international film markets. Jessel enters Legend3D during a time of rapid growth, as the company recently relocated its Los Angeles offices to Hollywood Center Studios to be closer to its client base and also secured venture capital financing, including a $19 million Series E Preferred Stock offering.

“I am fortunate to join Legend3D’s accomplished, creative and innovative executive team – during a time of entertainment’s resurgence, largely driven by 3D titles,” said Jessel. “Together, we look forward to setting new benchmarks domestically and in Europe and Asia, while further strengthening the company’s position as a driving force in the worldwide 3D industry.”

Jessel brings a history of global studio relationships and major international marketing management to the president role, previously held by Legend3D’s founder Dr. Barry Sandrew, who will now focus on his client relationship building as well as his chief creative officer (CCO) and chief technology officer (CTO) responsibilities. Prior to joining Legend3D, Jessel was president of Miramax International. Before his role at Miramax International, Jessel was president and CEO of Nelson Entertainment, where he supervised the worldwide distribution of critically-acclaimed films, including Rob Reiner’s When Harry Met Sally. He also served as vice president of international distribution and marketing at CBS Films, where he was responsible for all international acquisitions and distribution activities. Jessel graduated from Oxford University with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in modern languages.

“Legend3D continues to successfully move the needle forward in the VFX industry and our strategic appointment of Ian, a respected peer among studios and expert with international distribution, sales and marketing, enhances our leadership and technical team’s power to expand and bring to audiences across the globe immersive 3D stories,” said Sandrew. “We’re confident in Ian’s ability to help us effectively meet 3D conversion demands and exceed customers’ expectations with our first-class stereo techniques.”

Jessel is based in Legend3D’s Los Angeles office at Hollywood Center Studios with Barry Nulman, senior vice president of business development and Jenny Powers, senior marketing associate. He is a long-standing member of both the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the British Film Academy.

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