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Modern Post Expands NYC Studio with Renovated Space


Modern Post (Photo by Jonathan Hoekko)

Bicoastal creative editing and post-production studio Modern Post has expanded its New York City headquarters, doubling its square footage with an additional floor and renovating the space to better accommodate evolving client and employee needs. The expansion comes on the heels of the post boutique’s recent expansion to Los Angeles, with a new downtown Santa Monica space just blocks from the beach. The remodeled space doubles the original footprint with a new staircase from the 4th-floor to the 3rd; resulting in a multi-purpose studio that celebrates the company’s collaborative culture and reflects their artful and elevated visual approach to the craft.

The newly renovated Modern Post headquarters, located in Manhattan’s SOHO district, was reimagined by high-end architecture and design firm Uli Wagner Design Lab. With a proven track record designing luxury spaces for retail clients such as Calvin Klein, Proenza Schouler, Aluzarra, and Agnona as well as a wide range of sophisticated office spaces, including Modern Post’s original studio in 2017, and the recent design of the company’s new Santa Monica office. The design focuses on a minimal, yet approachable and warm aesthetic, with a deliberate attention to creating inviting spaces that would allow for creativity and flexibility.

(L-R) Modern Post Lead Creative Editor/Founder Will Town, Managing Partner/Executive Producer Charlyn Derrick (Photo by Jonathan Hoekklo)

Notes Modern Post Managing Partner/Executive Producer Charlyn Derrick, “Our team has been extremely motivated to work together in the studio again. It was important to us that we provided them with spaces that not only are comfortable, but allow them to move with ease between in-person collaboration with colleagues and clients to virtual meetings and calls.”

Adds Wagner, “Modern Post is a tastemaker in their space, so it was essential to design a space that reflected the elevated aesthetic in all of their work. While many companies are looking to optimize and condense their spaces, not only has Modern Post expanded, but their space continues to be full and smartly utilized.”

Wagner focused on building his design around key focal pieces, including stunning solid wood tables for collaborative use and an exquisite Austrian chair. The new design also called for an intelligent and visually striking approach to connect the 3rd and 4th floors, with a sleek black stairway that the remaining footprint was designed to circulate around. The layout of both floors was also redesigned extensively to accommodate new hybrid working paradigms; for example, an elegantly designed sitting area transitions into a private meeting space with a custom room divider from the Italian furniture brand Roooom.

More photos of the expanded New York facilities of Modern Post by Jonathan Hoekklo:

About Modern Post

Modern Post is a creative post-production studio with renowned expertise crafting stylized visuals across commercials, branded content, music videos, and more. Our highly curated roster of artists and producers form a collective, building community by harnessing the power of collaboration. With a lens of creativity that spans luxury, fashion, lifestyle, music video and beyond, our team harnesses a savvy approach to elevating the creative process with an innate understanding of each project’s unique aesthetic. Expertly polishing beyond the edit suite with our Color and Finishing, we maintain a streamlined vision of each nuanced concept to final picture.

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