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MTI Adds Third Nucoda Film Master


Image Systems announced that Hollywood-based MTI Film has installed a third Nucoda Film Master at its state-of-the-art facility. Opened in 2010, MTI Film is a full service postproduction facility providing dailies, editorial, visual effects, color correction and assembly for film, television and commercial projects. MTI is currently at work on a number of projects, including AMC’s Hell on Wheels, CW’s Ringer, ABC‘s Good Christian Belles, and for TNT The Closer, Dallas and Rizzoli & Isles, as well as a number of feature and restoration projects.

MTI installed its first Nucoda Film Master in 2010, as the facility prepared to open. Barbara Marshall, executive producer at MTI, noted, “The Nucoda is central to the way we work with our customers, whether they come to us with a feature, or a network or cable program. Its interoperability with Avid and the versatility of the toolset is crucial to our work and underpins our entire pipeline. We have found it to be an incredibly powerful creative tool.”

“Nucoda’s color grading toolset enables us to be gutsy when necessary and subtle when needed,” explained Steve Porter, senior colorist at MTI. “It is ergonomic and intuitive. The fact that we can do a show like Hell On Wheels, which is extremely vivid, and turn right to Ringer, an elegant, female-driven show, says a lot about its capabilities. Our focus is to support the story and the filmmaker, and Nucoda is an essential part of that.”

Jeremy Sawyer, colorist at MTI, noted that the built-in effects in Nucoda Film Master have been extremely useful. “In addition to the great color grading tools, all of the other plug-ins and effects that come straight out of the box are outstanding. They are great for beauty work, the grain tools are top of the list, and the visual effects tools are truly powerful. In television, we ’re often up against a tight deadline, and the tools in the Nucoda are extremely beneficial to us in hitting our schedule.”

MTI has a history of restoration services. The Nucoda Film Masters have been involved in a number of recent remastering projects, including classics; In Like Flint, Our Man Flint and The Flight of the Phoenix for Twentieth Century Fox, among others. All of these titles were remastered at 4K in MTI’s DI theatre.

“A year ago, we started with Nucoda Film Master at the center of our color operations,” said Larry Chernoff, president of MTI. “Since then, we’ve found our decision was more than validated by the consistent development, support and innovative ideas coming out of Image Systems, and we are delighted to continue our work with them.”

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