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NO6 and Peepshow Post Merge


Bicoastal post house NO6 and London and NY-based Peepshow Post Productions announced that the two company’s would merge. This new partnership will retain the NO6 name and will be positioned to handle all aspects of postproduction – providing editorial, finishing, color correction, between L.A., New York, London and soon Chicago. Finishing and design services will be offered under the newly established SEVEN brand.

“We are the boutique with reach,” NO6’s Jason Macdonald explained. “With the merger of our facilities and deep pools of talent, we have the resources of any large post house, but with a friendly, more personal vibe.”

“Peepshow wanted to expand into L.A. and No6 wanted to expand into the U.K. It was a natural fit,” Chan Hatcher added.

Aside from Macdonald and Hatcher, NO6’s Kevin Zimmerman, James Duffy, Justin Quagliata and Dan Aronin will join Peepshow’s Andrea MacArthur, Amanda Perry, Tony Kearns, Lizzy Graham, Christen Iversen, John Resner and DJ Joo. “There is such incredible talent across the three offices,” MacArthur said. “We all share a real passion for the work, and this new venture will allow us to do so much more for any project in any market.”

NO6, which has handled more comedy-focused projects, and Peepshow, with its eclectic background in visual storytelling and comedic spots, both expand their reach considerably with the new merger. The process has been streamlined by a long existing relationship between the two companies.

The merger also marks the launch of SEVEN, a new sister company representing the finishing and design services available in each location. NO6 and SEVEN will be represented by Shortlist Management on the West Coast, and Kelly Halpine and Gay Guthrey in the Midwest territories.

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