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Odd Brodsky Features Shutterstock Footage


Matthew Irving and Cindy Baer
Matthew Irving and Cindy Baer
Director/producer Cindy Baer decided at the last minute to add some new footage to enhance the final film near the end of postproduction on her latest feature, Odd Brodsky. “That’s when I discovered Shutterstock,” she said. “Shutterstock’s giant catalog made it quick and easy to find the shots I had envisioned, without the larger expense of shooting the footage ourselves.”

“I wanted some artistic and professional quality, HD video of exteriors, which had to blend in seamlessly with the footage we’d already shot,” Baer added. “I was surprised at how easily I found what I was hoping for. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I went to the Shutterstock website, plugged in keywords, set my parameters, and within moments I had exactly what I wanted – establishing shots of Los Angeles to enhance the transitions in the movie, including time-lapse to show the passing time.”

New to stock footage, Baer found that stock is commonly used to round out the story in the edit room. “Instead of organizing a whole second unit shoot, I went online and immediately found what I would have shot, for a fraction of the cost of filming it ourselves,” she said. “I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot more in the future.”

Odd Brodsky is a quirky comedy about a lovable loser who quits her steady desk job to follow her dreams. Directed by Baer and photographed by Matthew Irving, the official world premiere theatrical screening will be at the 36th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival in October.

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