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PlayBox Neo Offers Update for Cloud2TV Virtual System


PlayBox Neo’s Cloud2TV software system

PlayBox Neo has announced several updates for  its Cloud2TV virtual channel playout softare system that offers improvements and enhanced functionality. Updates to the scalable SaaS system includes improvements to Auto Import, Purge Task, Automatic Transcoding, QC check and more.

Cloud2TV is a cloud-based, software-as-a service system that enables broadcasters to operate their playout channels from any location on the globe via an easy-to-use web interface. It’s available in three forms: Platform-as-a-Service deployed on a private cloud with CDN for global reach,  software-as-a-Service deployed on public clouds such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google, and on-premises turnkey system for deployment by a broadcaster or service-provider.

The playout/IP streaming service supports UHD, HD and DS and can be operated in fully automated mode, providing operators with the freedom to make schedule alterations or insert live content between prescheduled content. It’s available via a budget-friendly Saas subscription and offers things like fast and on-demand channel launch, endless scalability, 24/7 reliability, web-based access and IP workflow. It’s also fully compatible with existing PlayBox Neo solutions.

Playbox Neo CEO Pavlin Rahnez said about the update, “Cloud2TV has been extremely successful for our customers throughout the world, enabling them to quickly and easily launch a channel with web-based access and an IP workflow. The new updates reflect significant customer feedback, and we’re confident they’ll further enhance the performance of our software-centric Cloud2TV system.”

You can learn more at PlayboxNeo’s site.


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