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Shotgun and Tweak to Introduce Revolver at NAB


Shotgun announced it has teamed up with Tweak Software on a new product called Revolver that provides digital studios with an all-in-one review toolset. Revolver combines production tracking and review, making it easy for teams in any location to view their latest work in context of the cut, browse and compare iterations, annotate on images, write notes, and collaborate on work in real-time. A web-player provides access to the work from any browser or mobile device, and Tweak’s high-end native player RV is deeply integrated to provide real-time playback of high res frames from local storage at the desktop or in the screening room. Additional players like an Alembic viewer from Fabric Engine will be offered as optional apps, allowing studios to customize their ideal review pipeline.

“Shotgun has become the fabric that ties our industry together,” said Seth Rosenthal, CEO of Tweak Software. “They have already done a brilliant job of foreseeing the collaborative, social, connected future of production. Revolver is the inevitable next step. We seriously hope it will help our friends and colleagues in the industry spend more time making great images and less time fighting with outmoded tools.”

“We’re working with Tweak to take review to a new level – a level where review is so seamless that studios dealing with spiking complexity are finally freed to focus on the work instead of wasting time dealing with the logistics of managing media, documents, time-zones, and data,” said Don Parker, Shotgun’s CEO. “The result is like having a personal screening room on every desk, and on any device, catering to your every need at any time of day.”

Revolver is built on the Shotgun platform, providing a flexible cloud-based framework for production tracking, collaboration and integration. Revolver leverages much of the platform, including the customizable database, Python API, event stream for event-driven automation, advanced user account and permission management, and custom web-based interfaces for advanced layout control. Revolver will be made available as an add-on for Shotgun clients or a stand-alone product.

“The ability for any artist or supervisor to bring up our latest versions within the context of the cut on their own workstation is a fantastic boon,” said beta tester Andrew Bunday, head of pipeline, Baseblack. “It frees them up to view dailies at a time that suits them and frees up the review suites, which are always in demand for time.”

Frank Lenhard, managing director, PiXABLE STUDIOS explained that “Revolver enables us to finally set up a review pipeline between different production places all around the world in a unifying interface. Having a studio in China fill in versions and footage, based on a Shotgun project developed in Berlin and being reviewed by a director in Munich becomes a breeze. Everyone can just fire it up, start reviewing and get the notes-work done with unprecedented speed and ease.”

Shotgun and Tweak will be exhibiting Revolver at NAB, April 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in booth #13416.

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