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Next Sight, Sound & Story Focuses on Sound Design for Film and Television


Sound DesignManhattan Edit Workshop has announced that its next Sight, Sound & Story: Live online event (“Episode IV”), taking place on October 14, will be called SoundShow: Sound Design in Film & TV with Supervising Sound Editors Bobbi Banks Mildred Iatrou, and Re-Recording Mixer Robert Fernandez.

From the webinar description:

Sound is one of the most important elements in film and can be used to elevate a performance, evoke emotions, indicate mood and emphasize what’s on the screen. Join Moderator Woody Woodhall, CAS, who will take a deep dive into the creative process of sound design in film and television. He will be joined by multiple Emmy-nominated Supervising Sound Editor Bobbi Banks, AMPAS, ATAS, MPSE, multiple Oscar-nominated Supervising Sound Editor Mildred Iatrou, and Grammy and Emmy-winner, Re-Recording Mixer Robert Fernandez. This panel will take us through the creative process of sound design and sound mixing and explore how sound shapes and influences our viewing experience. Through discussion and viewing scenes, we will see and hear examples of the panelists extraordinary work in sound.

The event will take place on Vimeo Live on October 14 at 5PM EST/2PM PST, and it will be free to all who register in advance right here. Those who register will receive a Vimeo Live link an hour before the event.

The next Sight, Sound & Story webinar will be on November 12 with Film Historian Bobbie O’Steen.

You can lean more about the series at

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