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Slate Media Group Acquires Telecorps Holding


Slate Media Group announced that it has acquired a substantial portion of the assets of Telecorps Holdings, Inc. through a private sale. Slate Media Group will operate under the following brands: Technicolor – PostWorks New York, PostWorks New York, Hula Post Production and Wexler Video.

“Slate’s mission is to provide a broad range of high quality solutions and services to help our clients achieve their creative visions,” said David Rosen, the company’s chairman and CEO. “The combination of these businesses and the talent they represent make that more possible than ever.”

As part of the company’s strategic growth plan, Slate has acquired the assets of Technicolor Creative Services in New York. Now combined with PostWorks NY, Technicolor – PostWorks NY will have access to the proprietary color science, postproduction workflow and resources of Technicolor’s global business.

“Through this combination and in partnership with Technicolor we can provide a unique set of talent and resources for all our customers in the New York production community for services including film laboratory, dailies processing, near-set dailies, editorial, color grading, finishing and sound – all through one source. This acquisition allows these companies to service their clients more completely and at a higher level,” said Rosen.

In California, Wexler Video is known for its expertise in the production and postproduction of reality television shows, while Hula Post serves the film and television markets.

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