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Join SMPTE’s Introduction to the Virtual Production Initiative


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One of the most exciting transformations in the Media and Entertainment industry is On-Set Virtual Production, where physical and digital worlds interact in real-time using traditional production tools plus virtual and augmented reality, CGI and game-engine technologies.

In order to help the entire production pipeline tackle the many complexities of this emerging technology, SMPTE is undergoing its own transformation. This new business model, with a dedicated project manager and faster, more flexible technology review, will not just provide greater speed. It will also provide all technical results to the industry at no cost. In this webcast, SMPTE presents this first of its Rapid Industry Solutions, focused on developing the tools to understand and implement this convergence of technologies.

An advisory group assembled from a wide cross-section of large and small companies working in Virtual Production, non-profit and special interest associations, and the global academic community will address hurdles like interoperability and connectivity, lack of resources and a gap in education. The results, including interoperability guidelines, benchmarks, workflows, naming conventions and technical solutions, will benefit creative and technical individuals and organizations in hardware, software and every type of service. And all technical work resulting from the Virtual Production Initiative will be open and free to the industry.

SMPTE’s Virtual Production Initiative is the first of its new agile initiatives designed to deliver results to the industry within a year, while it also serves to test and validate the model of Rapid Industry Solutions for addressing other rapidly-evolving technologies.

Take part in the free webcast, taking place on June 29th at 1-3 PM EST, and register here.

Kari Grubin is a multi-talented executive who has spent the past 20 years leading and managing studio divisions, global post production facilities, corporate departments and groups within trade organizations.

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