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The Foundry Previews HIERO


The Foundry is previewing its new HIERO system at IBC (booth 7.B21). HIERO is a desktop application for collaborative VFX workflow expected to be available later this year. It provides a scriptable timeline tool for NUKE that conforms edit decision lists and parcels out VFX work to NUKE artists. Close NUKE integration allows shot progress to be viewed in the context of the edit, and will in turn free up finishing systems to concentrate on finishing.

HIERO also reduces the infrastructure work required to keep a VFX team up and running with pain free shot distribution and management.

“NUKE is already a powerful compositing tool, but it’s missing a component many artists need,” said senior product designer Matt Plec. “HIERO provides the missing link functionality currently dealt with either by expensive tools, in-house scripting or a cumbersome manual process. HIERO is the bridge tool our customers have been asking for.”

“We love that The Foundry are developing a product as sophisticated as HIERO,” said Tony Lawrence, head of 2D, Smoke and Mirrors. “The flexibility, ease of use and integration into our pipeline will increase our output, allowing even more jobs to pass through our facility. The Foundry has yet again come up with a solution that will benefit the postproduction community.”

HIERO is slated for release in November 2011 will be available on OSX and Linux, with Windows to follow.

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