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SETDECOR Gives Us a Look into Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy


Free GUy
The Soonami Studios from Free Guy

We have a great interview with Free Guy Production Designer Ethan Tobman, but if you can’t wait to see how the art direction team put together the look for Ryan Reynolds‘ video game-inspired action-comedy for 20th Century Studios, then you’re in luck, because SETDECOR, the official magazine for the Set Decorators Society of America has a great look at creating the different environments for the series from Set Decorator Leslie Rollins SDSA.

He begins the piece by going into the differences between “Free City,” the video game world inhabited by Reynolds’ bank teller, Guy, and the Real World, inhabited by the game programmers at Soonami — Keys, Mouser, and their boss Antwan, played by Taika Waititi.

“In FREE GUY, we were operating in and telling the story in two realities.

The Real 
World, occupied by Millie, Keys, Antwan and the Soonami offices, was defined by its adherence to the laws and physics of our reality. The world of Free City, the video game where most of the action of the movie is set, was based around the geometrics of video game design consisting of mostly simplified geometric shapes and tight color control.

For Free City, we pared down and simplified real world elements to reflect the stylization of digital design. In Guy’s apartment, for example, the absurdly cantilevered breakfast table and open mezzanine bedroom served to reinforce the fact that Guy has limited contact and activities in his daily “life”.”

Free Guy
Guy’s apartment
Free GUy
Guy’s apartment

You can see some of the images from those settings above, but to read the full feature and see even more pictures, go to SETDECOR. And check back here at Below the Line sometime in the next week or two for our own interview with Tobman.

All photos courtesy 20th Century Studios, quoted text courtesy SETDECOR.

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