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Rock Star Liam Gallagher Inspired David Fincher’s The Killer


A scene from The Killer (Credit: Netflix)

When watching David Fincher‘s The Killer, Liam Gallagher and his signature parkas aren’t the first things to come to mind. The Oasis frontman and solo artist, as well as the founder of Pretty Green, shares little in common with the titular killer played by Michael Fassbender. The assassin’s job is to stay quiet, while Gallagher has always lived up to the public job requirements of a rock star.

He’s larger-than-life, and to many, one of the last true rock stars. According to costume designer Cate Adams, Gallagher’s attitude crossed her mind when designing costumes for The Killer. “I actually pulled a lot of images of Liam Gallagher from Oasis,” she told Below the Line. “Always wearing bucket hats in these oversized, and he kind of has it like I don’t give an F attitude as well.”

For the character’s bucket hat, author Hunter S. Thompson was another influence for Adams. Specifically, Thompson came in to play for the assassin’s bucket hat, which was specified in the script.

Circling back to Gallagher, though, even Fincher himself wanted a bit of Gallagher’s well-known persona for the character. “I think David had mentioned him a little bit in the first meeting,” Adams added. “‘Well, think about Liam Gallagher’s persona.’ I’m like, yeah, he doesn’t give an F, right? So it’s very similar. I definitely took a lot of influence from his looks because he does wear what he wears or what he’s worn since the 2000s until now.”

The Killer is now playing in select theaters and available on Netflix. 

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