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Set Decorators Society of America Releases Statement on Writers Strike


SDSA logoThe Set Decorators Society of America (SDSA), An International Organization, has released a statement on the current strike and how it’s affecting its membership, which you can read below:

“SDSA is currently rallying support for all below-the-line production workers including our own membership comprised of Set Decorator Members, Associate Members and Business Members.

We held a Business Members meeting on Monday, June 12, to discuss planning actions to increase awareness of the predicament of the thousands of people who work in the industry and the businesses who serve them.

We are not on strike but deeply affected by the strike action taking place and fear our livelihoods are at stake.

While we support and uphold the negotiating process between the WGA and AMPTP, we know that no progress can be made if talks do not resume.

We are entering the 5th week of the work stoppage with no end in sight.

Our hope is that the WGA and AMPTP return to the table immediately.”

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