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Licorice Pizza Actor Skyler Gisondo Sues On-Set Hairstylist for Injuring Him During Neck Massage


The Righteous Gemstones
Skyler Gisondo in The Righteous Gemstones/HBO

Here’s a weird one for ya…

Licorice Pizza actor Skyler Gisondo has filed a lawsuit against accomplished hairstylist Lori Guidroz, claiming that she gave him a little neck massage while working on the film — that’s not the problem, mind you — and that during that massage, she somehow injured his neck, which has cost him work.

TMZ broke the news via court documents, so keep in mind that all of this is alleged from Gisondo, but the 26-year-old actor claims that because Guidroz was unlicensed, she shouldn’t have offered the massage in the first place, and she should be responsible for his medical claims.

The actor is claiming that, in addition to lost wages, he has suffered part of his ability to work, the loss of use of property, and property damage, and he wants compensatory damages, though his suit doesn’t elaborate on those claims or offer any specifics as to how Guidroz injured him. However, Gisondo says he can offer proof.

Oddly enough, Gisondo claims the massage took place while Guidroz was doing his makeup, even though she’s credited as a hair designer on the Paul Thomas Anderson film, which briefly paired the actor with Alana Haim.

Santa Clarita Diet
Skyler Gisondo and Liv Hewson in Santa Clarita Diet/Netflix

Gisondo is one of the most talented young actors of his generation, and while he did co-star in the Peacock series The Resort and appear in episodes of HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones earlier this year, it’s unclear when those projects were filmed or when Gisondo suffered the injury, though it was presumably before he shot those projects. That said, he also, somewhat surprisingly, hasn’t booked another film since Licorice Pizza, so perhaps that speaks to the loss of work that his lawsuit mentions — since he really is very talented.

And so is Guidroz, who has worked with Ben Stiller on multiple projects and is credited as Paul Rudd‘s personal stylist on the next Ant-Man movie, as well as the head of the hair department on Christian Bale‘s upcoming Netflix film The Pale Blue Eye.

Gisondo appeared in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and this alleged incident seems like it could almost be straight out of Curb, but I do hope the actor feels better, regardless of what may have happened to his neck.

Below the Line has reached out to her representatives and will update this article if she responds.

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