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Algonquin College Students Get Access to Music & Sound Effects From ALIBI


Algonquin College

Algonquin College has been granted access to the ALIBI Music Library, a professional music and sound effects (SFX) platform. This makes Algonquin the first institution in Canada with access to extensive catalogs used in Hollywood productions and in the TV, streaming, video games and advertising industries.

Through a special educational license, ALIBI becomes the College’s exclusive music library provider, offering students access to music for various curriculum projects involving film, video production, social media, podcasts and video games. The library contains more than 200,000 audio files, including more than 11,000 curated original songs and 6,000 sound effects, created by a global array of professional artists.

With this newly-formed partnership, students enrolled in these industry specific courses will be able to access, download and incorporate professional music and sound effects content into the films, videos, ads and games they create as part of their course curriculum.

ALIBI’s music has been used for such notable projects as the STARZ hit series Power Book II: Ghost (trailer soundtrack), popular cereal brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch (national commercial soundtrack) and fan-favorite video game for The Walking Dead (trailer soundtrack). Additionally, ALIBI’s sound effects were used in trailers for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, among numerous others.

“Music and sound are vital to almost every area of content production and can make a huge difference in how consumers respond to what you do,” said Jonathan Parks, Executive Producer & founder of ALIBI Music. “We’re excited to be able to enrich that part of the coursework experience for Algonquin College’s students. It’s such an investment in tomorrow’s creative workforce.”


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