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The Tender Bar: Check Out an Exclusive “Making Of” Video on George Clooney’s Film


Tender Bar
Daniel Ranieri (L) and Ben Affleck in The Tender Bar (Amazon)

George Clooney‘s latest film as a director, The Tender Bar, is an adaptation of J.R. Moehringer‘s period memoir ab0ut how he was raised on Long Island mostly by his single mother (Lily Rabe) but with regular life advice from his Uncle Charlie (played by Ben Affleck) and Grandpa (Christopher Lloyd). The young J.R. is played by Daniel Ranieri, making his big screen debut, while the older J.R., as he heads off to Yale and to his life as a writer, is played by Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One).

Amazon Prime Video has shared with Below the Line an exclusive “Making Of” video about Clooney’s film, which you can watch below. In it, some of the actors share the significance of the work by Production Designer Kalina Ivanov and the costume design by Jenny Eagan (including interviews with both of them).

The Tender Bar is now playing in select cities, and it will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video starting Jan. 7, 2022.

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