Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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a52 Takes the Bate


VFX artist Andrew Bate
Following the promotion of Megan Meloth to EP, a52 has continued to bolster its roster with the signing of Andrew Bate as VFX supervisor/Flame artist. A talented VFX professional whose work spans the commercial, music video and film worlds, Bate’s recent efforts include a Cannes Gold Lion-winning, Emmy-nominated Olympics spot for Procter & Gamble, a D&AD Annual-winning ad for Xbox, a Sports Emmy-winning promo for MLB and Honda’s infamous “Matthew Broderick’s Day Off” Super Bowl ad from earlier this year.

“At a52, we put a premium on creativity and breadth of talent, and Andrew has plenty of both,” said a52 EP Jennifer Sofio Hall. “The studio has grown so much in just a few years. We were in need of more talent that could maintain our exacting standards, and we were very happy that Andrew came along to fill that role.”

“a52 is a hard-charging company doing lots of exciting things,” Bate said. “I think I’ll be a great fit for the culture of innovation that they’ve worked hard to establish there.”

In addition to work with Adidas, Boost Mobile, JCPenney, Affinity, PowerAde, Old Spice and Best Buy, Bate is active in the music video space and has contributed to a number of award-winning efforts for bands such as Maroon 5, How to Destroy Angels, Chrome and Janet Jackson. He has worked on many short films, including Nash Edgerton’s Captain, festival favorite Bear, and Amanda Boyle’s Pop Art. He also worked on the Sundance Grand Jury-nominated feature film Hasher.

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Vicon Introduces Mobile Mocap at SIGGRAPH

Motion capture systems developer Vicon is previewing a futuristic new “Mobile Mocap” technology at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver. Moving mocap out of the lab and into the field, Vicon's Mobile Mocap system taps several new technologies, many years in the making. At the heart of Mobile Mocap is a very small lipstick-sized camera that enables less obtrusive, more accurate facial animation data. The new cameras capture 720p (1280X720) footage at 60 frames per second. In addition, a powerful processing unit synchronizes, stores, and wirelessly transmits the data, all in a tiny wearable design.

Beowulf and 3-D