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Framestore’s Montreal Team Expands with Addition of Chloë Grysole


Chloë Grysole
Chloë Grysole

The latest addition to Framestore‘s new Montreal studio is Chloë Grysole who joins as senior producer. Grysole, a native Montrealer, comes to Framestore after a spell as Eon‘s associate VFX producer on the U.K.’s biggest grossing film, Skyfall. She is returning to her homeland after a prominent career in London where she was Cinesite‘s VFX producer on the final three Harry Potter films, before making the jump from vendor to client by moving to Eon. Grysole’s first project for Cinesite, Into the Storm, was nominated for a VFX Emmy. In her new post at Framestore, she is currently overseeing VFX for Doug Liman‘s All You Need is Kill.

Grysole is the newest member of Montreal’s leadership team, which is headed by general manager, Benoit Touchette, Chris Lawrence as head of CG and Lorna Paterson as executive producer.

Touchette’s experience as an operations manager stretches across blockbusters such as The Amazing Spider-Man, Twilight and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. As a Montreal stalwart, Touchette has been instrumental in the growing success of Canada’s VFX industry and putting Framestore firmly on the Montreal map.

Lawrence first became part of the Framestore family back in 2001, working as technical director on films like Troy, Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, before taking the opportunity to work on WALL·E with Pixar in 2006. He returned to the Framestore fold in 2009 to assume the role of CG supervisor and has been a key part of the team that worked on Alfonso Cuarón‘s impending release, Gravity, Framestore’s most ambitious project to date. Lawrence joined the Montreal team as head of CG when the studio launched at the beginning of 2013.

As executive producer, Paterson is another key member of Montreal’s management. Originally introduced to Framestore in 2006, Paterson has worked on some of its biggest projects, including Troy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Children of Men and The Dark Knight. After a hiatus spent working at Double Negative, Lorna was drawn back to Framestore in 2011 to be part of the team that tackled Gravity. Earlier this year, Paterson left Framestore’s London HQ to become a founding member of the Montreal facility.

“The opportunity to return to my hometown and work on world-class VFX was irresistible,” Grysole said. “Framestore is synonymous with best-in-class film VFX. Being to be able to bring the amazing talent pool in Montreal together with Framestore’s experience and world class projects is very exciting.”

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